Jakarta | Sat, May 28 2016 | 14:46 pm
BBC-ETS empower teachers for beneficial purposes in welcoming Ramadhan.
In order to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadhan which is only a few days coming. The Management of BBC-English Training Speacialist (ETS) conducted Cooking Class for their teachers from all branches. The Head of Pertiwi Group Foundation Hj. Tuti Indrayani, S.E., M.B.A said that this program is intended to empower BBC-ETS Teachers for beneficial purposes in welcoming Ramadhan.
 “ This is one of the programs of BBC-ETS for teachers  to welcome the Ramadhan 2016”.  Mrs. Tuti Indrayani  said at the opening event of cooking class in Rawamangun Jakarta, on May 28 2016.
The management invited a Chef from Bandung Mr. Saidin to train teachers about kind of foods with the simple techniques and  good result of the taste and its look. The foods are Spicy noodle, meatball from mushroom and pinaclada drink. Ii elaborated that those foods are good to be served on the table when break the fasting during holy month of Ramadhan.
Moreover, Head of Marketing of BBC-ETS, Gatot viewed  that teachers who involved in this event will be spreading their knowledge the  students as well as the people. So the topics of teaching is more comprehensively.
Furthermore, Mrs. Tuti Indrayani encouraged participants to share their experiences at the seminar to other people. Yet, it could be motivated the teachers to get the ideas of designing their business concept for the future. This is in line with the vision and mission of the Institution to empower all the staffs to gain their prosperity. She expected that Allah SWT  granted the programs to fulfill the  duty as UMMAH with an open heart to help each other.
BBC-ETS  which is under Pertiwi Group Foundation has set up  some programs on Ramadan this year 2016 which is not only Cooking class but also Ramadhan Fiesta that will be held in some Malls  of Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang and Depok. Besides that,  Pesantren Kilat (Short Course on Islamic Studies) or teaching students to recognize and implement the values of Islamic teaching also a part of the programs.
For Indrayani, the holy month has been also an opportunity to reflect and purify our soul, to strive to pray more and read more chapters of the Quran. It is also a chance to expiate our previous sins throughout the year. The programs above are the concrete action of the management for BBC-ETS teachers of welcoming Ramadhan.  (Natsir)