Ramadhan Fiesta held by BBC-Ets Tangerang at Cimone Mall City in a great relation with STBA Pertiwi Tangerang, Cimone Mall City and HokBen was running amazingly, smoothly, and successfully.

First of all we, BBC Tangerang Team, Mr Toni Kusumah, Mr Catur Rus, Ms.Herna Avriyanti Effendy, Ms. Rahmaniyah Fatchur, Ms. Iis Reyka Kurniasari, Heru, helped by STBA Team; Mr. Rio Satria, Lia Senjayanti, Melo, Irwan, others that might be forgotten, would like to thank Allah for the night and for the pleasant morning and day light. For the bless given to us that strongly makes us be able to hold a very grand BBC Program, Ramadhan Fiesta at Cimone Mall City.

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We have planned this important program days prior to the execution. We have worked hard, harder than usual ones. We cooperated and made an excellent synergy with all parties related to the program we want to apply successfully. We just really want to make an extra-ordinary program that might be so unforgettable to us.

In the morning that day, the weather was so cloudy. Rain might be falling cats and dogs, that day. We pray to Allah by singing a song; “Rain, rain go away. Please come another day. And, thanks God, the sun start to clear up in the afternoon. This condition really supported our program. We planned to started the program at 4 p.m, and we really started at that time.

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We do a Program round-down started with the pray to open the program, continued with some first round performances done by;
> Firza and Abi, PC 3B. They read the poem, Thank You Allah.
> Nabilah and Regita, PC 3B who told a story about; Noah n’ The Ugly Duck.
> Iyas PC 3B morning class who read the poem entitled Rainbow.
> Alifah PC 3B who told the story with the tittle; The Fox n’ The Crow.
Valenza WOT2. She read the great poetry entitled Beauty of Qur’an.
Those are the first round performances.
The next programs were coloring and English Quiz Competitions. There were 16 students joined in the coloring competition, and about 12 students from Grade 4, 5, and 6 Elementary School joined in the English Quiz Competition. The program committee needed time to decide the competition winners. To fill up this time, we gave some door prizes to the audience. Next, we continued this Fiesta by delivering The second round of performances, and the performers were;
> Kayla Danish WOT 2, who read the poetry; My Greatest Need is YOU.
> Mutiara WOT 4 who read The Beauty of Qur’an.
> Dea WOT 2 who read the poem entitled Fasting.
> Laura PC 6C who became the amazing Story Teller, told the story entitled The Princess and The Peas.
> Ali WOT 2 who was also great to tell the story about The Life of Prophet Musa/ Moses.
And the final performance was performed by I Gede Made who delivered a great Speech with no text, about Teenager World.

All performers were unbelievably stunning. We are proud of them.
Time marched on, and it was a time to welcome The Breakfasting, by singing some songs, Chanting, and dancing. All participants were so cheerful to wait for the breakfasting until the time has come.

Well, let’s pray and breakfast together.
Sayonara guys,… until we meet again.