Nowadays, Internet has spread widely in Indonesia. Internet is so easy to access. But, talking about Internet there will be advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. There are so many advantages by using Internet, for example we can find any kinds of information that we need. For students Internet is very useful to help them learn some lessons. All Internet users can also communicate with others from around the world using social media like Facebook, twitter, e-mail etc. Internet also really help us to do our work.


But, on the other hand Internet also has disadvantages that might be harm us. There are so many criminal cases occur today due to the internet. For example, cases of sexual harassment are inspired by porn videos easily downloaded. Fraud case in the world of online trading, online gambling and the spread of provocative news that does not fit with the facts, and many more crimes caused by the Internet.


However, the good or bad of the Internet is depends on ourself. Do we want to use it in bad way or good way? If we use Internet wisely, then we can take only the advantages of the Internet and vise versa.