BBC-ETS Pondok Gede just held a Sunday Meeting at Domino’s Pizza Pondok Gede on July 14th 2018. The activity took a topic “Be A Chef Junior For One Day”. BBC-ETS Pondok Gede as an organizer cooperated with Domino’s Pizza to hold this great activity. The students were taught to be a pizza maker.


They were trained how to make a simple pizza. The main purpose of this activity is to present the real English life in some field especially in restaurant field (Chef/pizza maker). The participants are 32 students, consisting of 12 students from PC1A level, 6 students from PC4A, 8 students from PC4B and 7 students from PC6A.


The activity is started at 08.30 a.m. First they were introduced with the Restaurant Officer there, the receptionist, the chef and the trainer. Second, they learned the History of Domino’ Pizza, when and where Domino’s Pizza established. Then, they learned more the pizza, the ingredients, the steps and the materials. Finally, they were trained how to make pizza. The Chef trained them to stretching the Dough first. The students did stretching Dough in a group. Then, they gave some toping on their pizza. After that the chef invited them to do store tour.



Moreover, the teachers gave them some games related to Pizza. PC1A students played a Matching games. PC4A-B students played Puzzle Games and PC6A students presented the steps of making pizza. After it all, they ate their pizza and enjoyed the activity. They all were happy with the activity, they did not only learn how to make pizza but also they practiced English in the real field. The activity can be a success because of the work of BBC- ETS Pondok Gede Team and Domino’s Pizza Crew. See you on the next fun English activity, Cheerio!