Hi, guys!

BBC has an extra-curricular activity which is FUN and EFFECTIVE in learning English!!

What’s THAT??

Yups.. That’s “Spelling Program”.

alphabet cara baca spelling

What is Spelling Program? Spelling Program is one of the extra-curricular activities in BBC which has “fun learning English” concept. Spelling is very important because it is one of the basic parts in learning English. If you want to create a good impression in your writing, it’s important to get your spelling right. In this program, the students will not only learn how to spell the words, but also they will build the new vocabularies by speaking or reading. By using the easy method, the students will master many kinds of vocabularies faster.bcb

In Spelling Program, the students will be placed based on their levels. For the beginners, the will learn how to spell the words well by spelling the words or having dictation. If they have achieved this part, so they will be drilled to use their vocabularies by speaking or writing. The students practice English with the teachers or friends in the class. So, they get use to speak in English confidently.

Well, do you want to improve your English? Let’s join us in BBC 🙂