Charity for the Orphans 

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It was a blessing time. We celebrated Ramadhan month. People have been waiting for this month, especially moeslim. So BBC–ETS Bandung held some activities to celebrate Ramadhan such as Ramadhan Fiesta, Breakfasting together, and Charity. And in the end of Ramadhan before we had a long holiday, we invited some friends who are not as lucky as us to have breakfasting together. We wanted to share something to them, though it’s not much but at least we could share the happiness with them. Because Happiness is what people want, for sure. WhatsApp Image 2018-08-03 at 10.35.53 AM

They are all Orphans. We really wanted to do something for them. We learned how to be a caring and grateful person. We started the activity with some games to get to know each other with the orphans led by the teachers. It’s enjoyable to know some new friends who was friendly and fun. After that, we continued the activity with praying and breakfasting together. We had a fried chicken and juice for breaking the fast, and it’s so delicious. And finally, we closed the activity with giving donation for the orphans, it’s not much but we hope it could make them happier.

Hopefully we could gather again someday. it’s such a memorable and touchy moment for all of us. 😀


Written by : Stephane Jese Saragih  (Class of DCC 2)