Studying must be fun! That is more than a tagline anymore. In BBC-ETS, we make english learning become easy and fun. So, the students are able to enjoy and feel the real English situation. Speaking activity is one of them. In this activity, we encourage the students to enhance their speaking skill, their pronunciation, their vocabulary and their confident. They are so enthusiastic with this activity and many of them are potentialized.

The problem is some of the students are not confident to do this activity. To deal with the problem, we can use puppet. We use puppet in speaking activity in order to increase their confident and to make their speaking activity becomes funnier. The puppet itself is so simple, the students can make it by themselves. First of all, we show them how to make the Hand Puppet. The materials are color paper, glue stick, scissors, and color pencil. The puppets that we are trying to make are cat and crocodile.

All of the students are happy because they create their own puppet. After they create the puppet, we encourage them to do speaking activity by using hand puppet. As a result, all of them are confident do to speaking activity and the speaking activity is more interesting.

There are so many media which can be used to make speaking activity more interesting and fun. One of them is Hand Puppet. it makes speaking activity more interesting and more confident. In BBC Pondok Gede, we use hand puppet to make speaking activity more interesting more confident. So, how’s yours?


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