The ultimate goal of learning English is to make students speak fluently in real life. In BBC-ETS, we engage the student to speak as well as possible in their daily life. There are so many teaching strategies to simulate real English situation in the class. One of the most strategies used in the class is role play. In this strategy, they play a role depends on the situation. This strategy is so helpful to increase their speaking ability and to make the students are familiar with the English situation in the real life.

*Role Play Activity

In BBC-ETS Pondok Gede, we usually do the role play activity in the class such as job interview, bargaining the price, conversation in the restaurant and many more. The role plays which have ever applied in here are job interview and conversation in the restaurant. Job interview applied in Elementary 2. The students were as an interviewer and job seeker. They were given some material to be asked and to be responded. This activity is really useful for them because they can experience the real situation in the job interview. From this activity, we as a teacher prepare them to be ready to face the real English situation.

Another role play activity is conversation in the restaurant. This activity applied in the Dynamic Conversation for Teenagers 2. They take a part in this role play as a waitress and customers. They create the script and the scene by themselves. The teacher just gives some example of the situation and the rest of all they create by themselves. This activity is really interesting because all of the students can show their other skills.

This kind of activity will always be applied in the class. From this activity, students can show their ability in speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and play. This activity makes them can experience the real English situation. We prepare them to be ready speaking English in every real situation.


*Kontributor BBC – ETS Pondok Gede