Students learn a lot of subjects in school. Student are educated to learn many things earlier because education is the most important thing for them, especially students in Elementary school. Learning English is one of the way for students to develop their critical thinking, especially in learning language. In other hand, most of elementary school does not provide English as a subject in school and it makes student have no chance to learn and practice English easily, in fact English is a language that is needed in real life.

*The Examples of Activities from BBC – ETS Students

“In School Training” is one of BBC program that is aim to provide every students to learn and practice English better. In this program students take once time a week. Students are lead to learn daily conversations easily. Students are not only get some materials, they are also be able to show their talents in English, because English is a practice. They do not only need to understand the material, but also need to develop and practice English as good.

Many parents understand the importance of learning English, some of them see it as a priority despite being a source of opportunities for their children. Know below the benefits of learning english from childhood, students are able to mention, identify and describe things in English easily. “In School Training” is also aim to give students the foundation of English that is usefull for them in the future. IST choise to help your kids to become a successful professionals by offering flexible programs for learn english that adapt to the abilities of each child to provide an education according to their stage of development.

More than a hundred students from 3 different schools have joint us here at BBC ETS Bandung in IST Program. It’s proven that they gained a lot of benefits and experience by studying English with BBC-ETS. We are always welcoming you to join us ! ?


*Kontributor BBC – ETS Bandung