Outdoor Class (outside learning) is learning that is done outside the classroom or outside the school environment. For example in the natural surroundings, parks, rice fields, gardens, markets, or in the community environment. This interesting learning will attract students’ attention because they see this as an unusual activity, not boring and saturating as is learned when learning in the classroom, whereas on the other hand they do not directly discuss material learned through new methods. With this method, the expected benefits will be more pronounced and maximum. Not only that, learning outside the classroom also trains students to interact with each other, both fellow friends, teaching teachers, and the surrounding environment, so as to train students’ development.

*Outdoor Class Activities conducted by BBC – ETS Tlogosari Semarang

Teaching and learning process outside the classroom must have a clear concept of activities that become a reference for the teacher to convey information to students. Among them is the concept of activities designed to be carried out outside the classroom. Then the concept of research in which learning outside the classroom is emphasized so that

students are able to have reason for research by conducting experiments. The last concept is the concept of kinship, with learning outside the classroom, the relationship between students and students and the teacher will feel more kinship compared to learning in the classroom which tends to be stiff

There are many benefits obtained from learning outside the classroom (Outdoor Study) including being able to increase student enthusiasm for learning outside the classroom, students tend to be happy and not experience sleepiness like when in the classroom. Another benefit is to hone students’ creativity because they learn while carrying out hands-on practice and use real learning media, directly from nature. In addition, the teacher is also able to create a pleasant atmosphere for students by adding games and games that can be done outside the classroom

On February 28, 2020 PE 1 class held outdoor class activities at D’betjak restaurant Jl. Satrio wibowo – Tlogosari, Semarang. With the theme “ordering meal”. Students practiced to order food directly at the restaurant. Students are divided into 2 groups. The first group served as buyers and the second group served as Waiters. All students were very enthusiastic about this activity. they could learn directly in the field with the actual equipment. Outdoor class activities


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*Kontributor BBC – ETS Tlogosari Semarang