Since March 16th 2020, the government has limited people’s activities in many sectors including in education. Many people are not allowed do their activities as much as usual. Many offices set the employee to work from home. Many schools also set the student and the teachers to learn and teach from home. And also many recreation places, which gathering many people in some area, set to be closed. This happened because of the Covid-19 transmission. The Covid-19 transmission spreads almost in every Indonesia Province. Moreover, because of huge of the Covid-19 transmission many educational institutions negate teaching and learning activity physically including in BBC ETS. It should be done to avoid the Covid-19 transmission which becomes more massive day to day. In BBC ETS, we negate physically teaching and learning in the class and move it into home learning (Online learning). We also called this program as PJJ (Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh). We still demand teaching and learning activities and do teaching and learning activity as usual. The one this which makes this different is about the way in teaching and learning activity. We use online media to provide teaching and learning activity from home. So, there is no physical interaction but there is still teaching and
learning interaction.
In addition, there are so many online media we can use to provide this activity (Home Learning). They are Google Classroom, WAG, Google Meet, Zoom and many others media. The teachers prepare the material through PPT, Doc, PDF, picture, audio recorder event video learning. The teachers do not need the white board again but, they just need their gadgets. Everything is in their gadget. It also gives the positive view for the students because they can learn English using their gadget.
The most recommended one is Zoom, because by this media the teacher and the students can have learning directly in the moment. The teachers and the students can communicate directly and it make teaching-learning activity becomes interesting. So, they still have an interesting English class without meet physically each other. They can do every activity from home, study from home, teaching from home and work from home. So, who needs go out when everything is in home?