What will you do if your boss asks you to present something in the meeting? 

You might start to prepare it well. Unfortunately, the biggest of our enemy is nervous. No matter how many times you try to practice it, the enemy always come in the right time and mess up all the preparation that we have done. However, we need to do something to kick this enemy. Do not let your potential sink and no one know of how great you are. So, here we have some tips for you to improve your skill in presentation.

1.Prepare it well (material and practice) 

Exactly. You need to prepare everything well. Even for small thing. Based on Andri Wongso, “good preparation, is half our success”. So, do not forget to prepare it from the opening to the closing of your presentation. 

2. Show your passion and connect with your audience

You have to try to relax. We often hear that the most important thing is to connect with your audience and the best way to do that is to let your passion for the subject shine. Be enthusiastic and honest, and the audience will respond you. 

3. Smile and make eye contact with your audience

This sounds very easy, but surprisingly a large number of presenters fail to do this. If you smile and make eye contact, you are building a rapport, which helps the audience to connect with you and your subject. It also helps you to feel less nervous, because you are talking to individuals, not to a great mass of unknown people. Practice to smile in front of the mirror will help you.

4. Tell Story

Indeed, Human beings are programmed to respond to stories. Stories help us to pay attention, and also to remember many things. If you can use stories in your presentation, your audience is more likely to engage and remember your points afterwards easily. It is a good idea to start with a story but, you need to ensure if it is related with your presentation.

Hope this helps!

One of BBC-ETS Bekasi’s students practicing her skill in presentation.