This is one of the activities of the English Conversation Intensive Program (ECIP ) at BBC Cililitan  which conducting an online presentation. Krisna was making presentation with the topic of  PREVENTION OF CORONA VIRUS.


This program gives the atmosphere  that represents the ability to speak, discuss, speak with a variety of actual topics and in accordance with the conversation in the work environment and in public places.


There are various topics of ECIP related to  cultures, work and career, arts and exhibitions, meetings, presentations, public speaking. This conversation class program is held face-to-face, but now with all students who live at home, then  classes  can be done online.


The one of the benefits of this program they can talk and learn by not coming directly to  BBC, they can also exchange ideas, discuss, they can also learn and listen to friends virtually.


In addition, students also gain knowledge of online learning system technology. Learning is also more practical and enjoyable, a more personal approach to all students, the students performance can be monitored more easily, saves learning costs, classes can be re-accessed when students are unable to join because there are recorded. this program runs during the covid pandemic.


This learning process will accelerate the transfer of knowledge, expertise acquired and trained by the students. In addition BBC also  provides  materials with the various of the topics, teache also provides broader references to the topic so that students gain broad knowledge


During the Covid pandemic 19 The learning process when using long distance learning with online learning is an effective, fast and credible communication medium for delivering e-learning material from experienced English instructors.