Who doesn’t know Kartini? Most of Indonesian know who Kartini is. Yes, She is one of the National Heroes and she is known as a pioneer of the rise of indigenous women.

Raden Ajeng Kartini was born in Jepara-Central Java on April 21, 1879 where her birthday was celebrated as Kartini’s Day. She came from the “priyayi” or Javanese aristocratic class, the daughter of Raden Mas Adipati Ario Sosroningrat, a governor who was appointed as regent of Jepara after Kartini was born. There are some facts about R.A. Kartini who may rarely be heard by today’s young generation. Among others are as follows:

  1. She had a complicated family relationship.
  2. She lived in a polygamous family environment.
  3. She liked  to read various books
  4. “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang” is not a book.
  5. She died at a young age.
  6. Her name is enshrined as the name of the road in Netherlands.

Besides, here are some quotes that can motivate women, such as:

  1. The reason we fall, “Many things can bring you down. But the only thing that can really bring you down is your own attitude. “
  2. Don’t Complain, “Don’t complain about the bad things that come in your life. God never gave it, you were the one who let it come. “
  3. Keep dreaming, “Keep dreaming, keep dreaming, make your dream as long as you can dream! If you don’t dream, will you live? The real life is cruel. “
  4. Don’t be afraid of adversity, “Sometimes, you must feel difficulties first before perfect happiness comes to you.”
  5. Don’t give up, “Don’t ever give up if you still want to try. Don’t let regret come because you are one step away from winning. “

Then what was done by BBC-ETS as an English Course in order to pay homage to R.A. Kartini as one of the National Independence Heroes?  In order to commemorate Kartini’s Day, BBC-ETS conducted several activities including the Makeup Contest, Photo Contest, Fashion Show, Singing Contest, and others. Unfortunately, this year these activities cannot be done due to the COVID-19 pandemic that struck almost all parts of Indonesia. Hopefully, this pandemic will quickly disappear and next year BBC-ETS can organize activities to commemorate.