As COVID-19 continues to spread, many countries around the world are implementing measures to overcome this pandemic. From mass testing to national quarantine and physical distancing. This has a great influence on all fields, especially the economy, and is no exception in terms of education.

In Indonesia, around 68 million children and adolescents have been affected by school closures. This raises concerns from both the government, teachers, and parents regarding the continuing education of students during this pandemic.

To overcome this, the government introduced a distance-learning program so students can continue their education during a pandemic. BBC-ETS is no exception.

BBC-ETS as an English language education course institution also participates in online distance learning activities. This is done so that BBC-ETS students are able to continue learning even if they don’t come to BBC-ETS. By utilizing gadgets such as smartphones or laptops / computers and several applications that support online learning, it is expected to be able to provide good results in the pandemic COVID-19 which is increasingly widespread as it is today.

In the matter of an application, BBC-ETS uses some of applications / software such as Google Hangouts / Google Meeting, Google Forms, and Zoom. Google Hangout / Google Meeting and Zoom gives an opportunity for teachers and students to interact directly even if they are not in the same place / location and makes it easy for teachers to give learning topics to BBC students, otherwise BBC students can also immediately see the presentations from their teacher and able to do question and answer at the time. By using Google Form, BBC students can work on assignments that have been made by their teachers.

Of course, this will greatly help students in continuing their education, although there are still many obstacles that must be resolved in using the Online Distance Learning system. But at least the students can still continue their learning, especially learning English on BBC-ETS.