The fruitful thought to celebrate International Fruit Day originated from the will to create a worldwide festival day for people of any culture, nation, mentality, religion and way of life.  The aim is to share fruits in sympathy and joy with family, friends or needy people. International Fruit Day addresses to all people who create and preserve positive living conditions. Announced in 2007 and celebrated for the first time at the wall park in Berlin International Fruit Day annually takes place on July 1st at many places worldwide where people share their favourite fruits with others.

To celebrate this joyful day BBC-ETS Banyumanik held a great activity called “Online Sunday Meeting-Celebrating International Fruit Day”. BBC-ETS Banyumanik invited all students to come and participate in this activity in order to let them know about “International Fruit Day” that most people do not know. For an hour and a half, we talked
about fruits and healthy foods in a fun way, gave the students some questions and riddles about fruits and healthy foods. Even though we didn’t see or face each other directly or in one place, we used google meet to make this activity ran well. And the most interesting one from this activity was “making fruit salad”, the students and the instructors prepared some ingredients and tools to make fruit salad. The instructors gave the tutorial how to make nice fruit salad and the students followed what the instructors told. The students were very enthusiastic to do this kind of activity. So, today’s pandemic does not prevent us to give the best for students. Their smile is very meaningful for us. Thank you everyone.