The level of environmental damage is one of the important factors determining a low disaster environment in a region, especially in archipelago countries such as Indonesia. The environmental damage that occurs is also dominated by waste that cannot be fully processed. Therefore, we need awareness from the public to prevent this increase in environmental damage.

The application of the 3R system (Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle) is one of the solutions in protecting the environment around us which is cheap and easy to do. It is processing waste into compost or using waste as a source of electricity (Waste Power Plant). In addition, the implementation of this 3R can also be done by everyone in their daily activities. 3R consists of Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

Reduce means we reduce the use of materials that can damage the environment, such as choosing products with recyclable packaging. Reuse itself means using objects that can be repeatedly used, for example using a handkerchief instead of using a tissue, using a cloth shopping bag instead of using a plastic bag. Recycle is the recycling of goods. The easiest way is to recycle organic waste in your house, using used plastic bottles of drinking water or whatever as plant pots. BBC ETS Tlogosari Semarang will carry out a virtual Sunday Meeting agenda on September 20 th, 2020 with the theme “3R (REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE) TO ENJOY A BETTER LIFE” which aims to teach BBC students about the importance of conserving natural resources by implementing the 3Rs for a better life in the future. The activities that will be carried out in the event are socializing the application of 3R for the good of the earth and making handicrafts from used goods. Hopefully, this event can provide many benefits for BBC students and the environment.