Humans are given perfect intellect so that they can always think creatively for the betterment of the world. Without that thought, Ibnu Sina would not have been able to find medical science which is still used today. Thomas Alfa Edison would never have created an electric light bulb without creativity. So, it is not surprised if we are required to always act creatively, especially at a young age who are still productive. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), creative itself is the ability to create or process new ideas. Meanwhile, creativity is a person’s ability to create new things, both in the form of ideas and real works that are different from before. That said, the more creative you are, the more you create works that can useful for many people. Arts are not only interpreted as works of art, such as songs, paintings, sculptures, and others, but can be interpreted as all kinds of unique things that come directly from a person’s thoughts.

With this creative knowledge, BBC-ETS Banyumanik invites our students to make something creative and useful, by holding Online Sunday Meeting which has been held on Sunday, September 27, 2020. This Sunday Meeting has the theme of unlimited creativity, making craft using popsicle sticks. Using these popsicle sticks, we help BBC-ETS Banyumanik’s students create a mobile holder. In this activity, we really hope that the students will be able to bring out their creativity in making mobile holders by decorating them with various kinds of knick-knacks to produce attractive mobile holders. They are very enthusiastic about participating in this Online Sunday Meeting activity, although they still cannot meet face to face, it does not diminish their enthusiasm in participating in the activities that held by BBC-ETS Banyumanik. Hopefully we will be able to hold activities like this in the future. Creativity is intelligence having fun.