In learning English, there four main skills which must be mastered by the students those are listening, speaking, reading and writing. The fourth skills have the same things and connection to each other. For example, speaking skill which cannot be separated from listening and writing skill that is also supported by reading ability. Speaking activities in learner’s community in Indonesia are still minus.

In educational context, English language has function as a means of communication. For example, to convey information, and in daily context, as a means to build interpersonal relationship, changing information and enjoy language esthetics in English culture.

There are many ways to improve the students’ speaking skill is by using the pictures. Why is it so? How can the pictures as media improve the students in speaking skill? We believe that pictures media can be designed and be used in teaching material in expressing personal identity text. The media will facilitate the capture student or teacher to master the material presented. One of the media that is applied is picture media, the learning media is a media that can be made by the teacher.

BBC ETS Rawamangun, as an English course has applied and used lots of pictures in teaching and learning activities. The purpose of using the pictures is to stimulate or trigger the students to speak up by describing things or what they see in the pictures. They can start speaking by mentioning for example, things or activities in the picture.

For detail, please check the video out!

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